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Our Weight Loss Body Wraps In Petaluma and Santa Rosa Are Also Proven Alternatives For Detoxing Your Body, Pain Management, and Much More...

First, here's weight loss body wraps basics...

There are two main types of body wraps for weight loss in Petaluma (and weight loss body wraps in Santa Rosa are available as well)...

The first is the "water loss body wrap" and it works by opening your pores so as to better attract water to the surface to be dissipated thus removing inches from your waist and other problem areas where the water deposits.

Unfortunately, the effects of such water loss body wraps are only temporary and the inches you lose will reappear again, meaning that you will need to reapply them repeatedly.


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These kinds of body wraps are very common amongst spa's and salon's in Petalum and Santa Rosa, but not Royal Tan And Spa. We have an infrared body wrap that is much easier for you...

  • You don't have to deal with messy creamsYou get wrapped in your sweats or any clothes you want.
  • It penetrates deeper and targets fat and burns calories.
  • And it is less expensive.

Weight loss body wraps work very much like the water loss body wraps in that they remove substances from your bodies system to help you lose weight, instead of excess water however, these wraps help to expel toxins that have built up in your body.

Toxins which enter the body through the food we eat and the air we breathe, are broken down, digested and neutralised by our digestive system and our very own high tech filtering system: kidneys and liver.

The purpose of the weight loss body wraps is to aid and work in partnership with your body to increase the removal of the toxins from the fat cells of the body, and to expel them along with the other waste by products. Because the digestive plays an all-important role in this process, drinking plenty of fluids (especially water) will dramatically improve the speed and effectiveness of this process.

Health and nutrition experts whilst happy to give their seal of approval to such weight loss wraps strongly advise that you use such wraps in conjunction with the likes of a regular exercise regime as well as a healthy diet as well. Why not make a resolution to incorporate an all round body fitness regime, working on diet and pampering yourself simultaneously?

body wrap systemFor those of us who find exercising a chore, treating ourselves to a luxury of pampering maybe enough of an incentive to get back to the gym.

Royal Tan And Spa's Infrared Body Wrap Isn't Only For Weight Loss...

The weight loss body wrap in Petaluma and Santa Rosa is called an infrared body wrap. Most people think of it as a weight loss system, but it's really much more. For example, many clients use it for...
  • Pain management
  • Detoxification
  • Stress management
  • Relaxation
  • And much more (see chart to the right)

weight loss body wrapTo get a Free Body Wrap Go to our salon; But go to our coupon page first.

Call us during normal business hours: 707-778-0288 for our weight loss body wrap in Petaluma (or detox, pain management etc). Or, for a weight loss body wrap in Santa Rosa or to get relief from paint and to detox your body call our Santa Rosa location: 707-575-8267.

Angie and Brian Maroevich, Owners
Royal Tan And Spa


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