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How To Lose
10 Pounds Fast!

By Brian and Angie Maroevich, Owners or Royal Tan and Spa
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losing weightIf you want to lose 10 pounds fast, or do not know if it is possible or what kind of diet to try, look no further, this article is exactly what you need*.

Other methods of losing a lot of weight fast end up doing more harm than good, as the body will find it hard to deal with the rapid weight loss. If you have considered liposuction, you should know that it is a surgical procedure which can leave marks if done incorrectly and it is expensive and can be a painful recovery. Losing 10 pounds fast can be done without much effort and in a perfectly safe way*.

Many people start a diet without any thought. Diet specialists recommend consulting a doctor or a nutritionist before starting any diet to see the problems you are facing and if there are any contraindications to the particular diet. You should only start a diet to lose 10 pounds fast if you are in good health to be sure your body will cope with the diet perfectly. Your nutritionist can recommend a certain approach or another diet based on the results of your complete physical examination.

Before starting the diet, you should know some medical aspects of losing weight. People gain weight by eating more calories than their bodies require each day. If you want a precise calculator, 3500 calories equals one pound. You can use this formula to calculate the amount of weight you wantto lose quickly. In our case, the 10 pounds you want to lose fast (and safely) translates into 35000 calories that must be burned in addition to the amount of calories your body needs to function properly.

You will either need to limit the amount of calories you eat every day, or burn more than you take in. Do both and you will be on your way.

Specialists recommend that around 2,000 calories every day are enough for a modern, active person. But it's relative. For example, if you are very active you may need to consume 2600-3000 calories or more. If other diets recommend you eat less than 2,000 calories each day, they can hurt you, as your body still needs energy to function properly.

A good strategy is to eat just as many calories as you require and to burn the excess calories. But be sure to spread these 2,000 calories every day among all major food groups, and don't eat it all in one sitting. Eat 6 small meals per day. Do not limit yourself to one single food group (only fruits, for example), as your body requires proteins, vitamins and fibers. Many online calorie calculators can help you examine all the foods you normally eat so you can figure out a balanced mixture of meals.

Lets say you want to lose 10 pounds in 30 days…safely. To lose 10 pounds fast (30 days) you will need to burn around .33 pounds per day, or 1166 calories each day (remember, 3500 calories equals a pound).

To lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks requires even more calories to be burned. Losing 10 pounds in 2 weeks is achievable though. You will need to burn .7143 pounds per day, or 2500 calories. You may find this a hard figure to achieve, but actually, if you are in good health, with the right approach it can be quite easy. The secret is plenty of physical exercise: swimming, jogging, stair climbing, biking and so on.

Make sure you combine as many physical exercises as you can until you reach the required amount of burned calories each day. Formostar infrared body wraps are a perfect alterative to include into your regime because it can burn up to 1400 calories in one 60 minute session, so include it in your mix, especially when you want to take a break (or when you feel sore…it helps!)

The following chart describes the number of calories burned per hour, by body weight (USA Today).

Case Study:

bikingLets say you are eating 2000 calories per day and you are moderatly active by nature. Specialists say that you will need 2100 (so you'll burn 2100 calories) going by your moderate lifestyle. If you stick to your 2000 calorie intake, and you ride your bike for an hour, you'll burn about 700 calories (and that's only going an average of 10 miles per hour). So now you are 800 caloris toward your goal of burning 1166. All you have to do is burn 366 more calories. How about choosing Aerobic Dance?

A few common sense tips: A little extra goes a long way…

  • Use the stairs! Instead of taking an elevator, use the stairs. It burns 5 times more calories.

  • Walk on your lunch break.

  • Ride your bike to work or school.

  • Stop smoking! Smoking makes you lazy, and gives you the perception that you don't need to eat and relaxes you. Nothing is farther from the truth. Did you know that smoking has killed more people than all the wars in the world combined? Not enough to get you to quit? How about this. My wife used to sell oxygen equipment to hospitals that take care of people with breathing problems, and I used to work in one of those hospitals. Guess who 95% of the patients were? Smokers with cancer, emphyzema, and other horrible lung diseases. Tomorrow is not the best time to quit. Today is…right now.

  • Eat more vegetables and fiber, and less diet drinks and fatty foods.

  • Drink more water. Water is amazing. It helps your body digest, detox, and much more!

Question: Are you interested in a support group for losing weight? Do you think yo need a personal trainer? Let me know because I will put together some really good resources and even get a support group formed if that is what you want. Email us.

For more tips go to www.SonomaBodyWraps.com

Angie and Brian Recommend:

Betty's Organics for fresh oraganic vegetables and fruit deliverd to your front door! You'll really enjoy getting the box of fresh from the earth organic vegies and fruit. It's like getting a special gift every week!

Yoga. Get a Yoga matt and DVD. We do Power Yoga two or three time a week, and we always feel stronger and more rejuvinated the next day. It's also good for cross training.

*Please consult your physician and/or nutritionist before going on an diet and exercise regime.

Copyright Brian Maroevich, All Rights Reserved

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